2018 Competition info


The 2018 season is starting on the 7th and 8th of April

Football starts on Saturday 7th April for all Seniors, Youth and Juniors, except MPL and WPL which starts on 17th March.

Junior and Youth have a break on Saturday 21st April and Saturday 14th July. All football has to finish prior to 1st September.

Senior Men & Women League structure

MPL, Canterbury Championship League (CCL), WPL, have 3 from 5 Substitutes. Reserve and Canterbury Women Championship League (CWCL) have 5 from 7 Substitutes.

Mens Div 1 to Div 9/10 linear Leagues and Women on Sunday have rolling substitutes with a max of 7 substitutes players on the teamsheet.

Masters have unlimited rolling substitutes.

Junior and Youth structure

Junior 9th Grade played in zones, with 2 bands A and B no scores or tables published
Junior 10th and 11th grade played in banded leagues A, B, and C. No scores or tables published

12th Grade played in banded Leagues A, B, C, D and E. Scores published but not tables.

Details for each grade as follows

GradePlaying TimeStart TimeBreakEnd TimeField sizeNo. per sideSubsRollingBall
19th Grade Boys2 x 45 mins10:45am10 mins12:20pmSenior115Yes5
17th Grade2 x 40 mins12:30pm10 mins2:00pmSenior115Yes5
15th Grade2 x 40 mins9:15am5 mins10:40amSenior115Yes5
18th Grade Girls2 x 40 mins12:30pm5 mins2:00pmSenior115Yes5
14th Grade Girls2 x 35 mins9:15am5 mins10:40amSenior115Yes5
14th Grade2 x 35 mins10:45am5 mins12:00amSenior115Yes5
13th Grade2 x 35 mins9:15am5 mins10:30amSenior115Yes4
12th Grade2 x 30 mins10:50am5 mins12:05pmIntermediate95Yes4
12th Grade Girls2 x 30 mins10:50am5 mins12:05pmIntermediate95Yes4
11th Grade2 x 25 mins9:45am5 mins10:40amIntermediate95Yes4
11th Grade Girls2 x 25 mins9:30am5 mins10:25amJunior75Yes4
10th Grade Girls2 x 25 mins10:30am5 mins11:25amJunior75Yes4
10th Grade2 x 25 mins9:30am5 mins10:25amJunior75Yes4
9th Grade2 x 25 mins10:30am5 mins11:25amJunior7N/AYes4