Player Pathway

Here at Coastal Spirit we believe in giving our members the best possible opportunity to fulfil their potential thereby enhancing their enjoyment of the game. Not just the elite players, but all players and coaches.

That is why we put a great deal of time, money and effort into providing training and support to develop these people into the best that they can be.

We believe, well-rounded, knowledgeable and qualified coaches are the key to players enjoying the game. Our culture is based around upskilling our coaches through external NZF Coaching Awards and internal informal programs, so they can then go on and develop players.

For players, we offer football for every age and all football backgrounds. Players wanting recreational, informal and fun football can utilize the community and club participation pathway. Players with a desire to aim for the top of the game can work in the Club Excel pathway. Coastal Spirit will do everything in its power to then assist in getting players into the Talent Excel and National Excel pathway.

Contact us for more information about coach and player development.