Chatham Cup – Round 1 Match review

Well it was Chatham cup fever on the 12th of May where we hosted our friends to the north Waimak United. The Chatham Cup is a competition we dont have a great history in and we would really like to change that.

Having played Waimak Pre season we know they are a scrappy and organised team. They sit off collectively in a defensive block and have some real pace in wide areas to threaten us. All I was asking of our boys was to show maturity, discipline and stick to the plan no matter how the game eventuates.


Having two Chatham cup winners in our environment really helped the cause and its great to see Paul Hughes and Ash Wellbourn speak to the boys and remind them what this trophy means across New Zealand.

I think we played pretty average as a whole but was nice to see us break the deadlock within the first 25 minutes from our top goalscorer and Captain. It was then Zac who scored from a set play to see us go into halftime 2-0 up.

At halftime, I demanded we retain the ball better. I felt we lost possession in the midfield much too often and I Told Cluadio and Liam my thoughts. It is frustrating that we haven’t played well on our home pitch this season.

Second half

We played much better. Avery made a big difference coming on and stringing some passes together. Our next 3 goals were scored from players that were well overdue. Jacob Richards has so so much to give and it was most pleasing to see him score his first goal for the club. I would like to think the first of many. It was then Haris who got on the scoresheet which was also pleasing. These young boys rely on confidence to work their magic and getting on the scoresheet will do that. Our other scorer was surprise surprise the Dominator. Dom scored his best goal of the season where he’s taken three touches in the box and juggled it onto his right foot to hammer a volley home. “A strikers finish” he would say.




So although a 5-0 you would think id be happy with I still think we were messy. Fortunately for us, we were clinical. Man of the match was tough. Connor made a record 89 passes that game with a 94% pass percentage. But I gave the MOTM to Zac for absolutely dominating everything he threw himself at. It was also nice to see him score which I feel he doesn’t do enough. Well done Zacy boy.

It was great to see a good turnout. The draw is out for the next round and everybody is happy getting drawn Selwyn away where we have some great memories. I’m calling on a big turnout for that game because there’s no doubt it was our support and fans that got us the amazing win on the first game of the season.

Next game

Our next game is against Ferrymead Bays where we try to win our shield back and move into second spot which is now our MPL focus. See you there for a cracker.