Eastcare Physiotherapy ready for 2018

Coastal Spirit are delighted to announce that Eastcare Physiotherapy have signed on for 2018 and the years to come.  Read on to hear about some brilliant services provided this year…

“Hi everyone my name is Craig Braggins and I am the business manager for Eastcare physiotherapy. I am really excited to announce that we continuing our wonderful relationship with the Coastal Spirit Football Club for this season and the for the years to come.

Eastcare physiotherapy has a long and proud history of supporting Coastal Spirit football.  This relationship started 21 years ago with Rangers AFC and has continued with the amalgamation with New Brighton Football into Coastal Spirit and is still continuing to grow and evolve.

Motus health recently purchased Eastcare physiotherapy from David Kearns in 2016 and our core values like David’s are being community focused, getting things done and believing activity is medicine.

I am pleased to announce that we will be offering free inpatient physiotherapy for all coastal spirt players for the 2018 winter season (March 1 to August 31). We look forward to seeing all Coastal Spirit players in the clinic this year”



Craig Braggins, Eastcare Physiotherapy
Phone 03 388 8815