End of Season Prizegiving 2017

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Congratulations to all our Youth winners and to all our teams for a fantastic season.

Thanks go out to our Premier Men & Women for helping out on the day.

A special thank you to David Toombs & Debbie Klyushkin for taking the photos it is much appreciated.

The winners as follows

  • Junior/Youth
    9th grade black CoachJohn Reynolds
    Most ImprovedZeno Quinn
    Player of the YearBenjamin Dowdle
    9th grade blue CoachCraig Jorgensen
    Most ImprovedOliver Anderson
    Player of the YearRhys Jorgensen
    9th grade white CoachMike Murray
    Most ImprovedKateah Shankland
    Player of the YearTessa Toombs
    10th grade ACoachAlister Sim
    Most ImprovedStephen Roberts
    Player of the YearRhys Jones
    10th grade BCoachJulie Jorgensen
    Most ImprovedRyan Williams
    Player of the YearQuincy Joblin
    11th grade ACoachTodd Skilling
    Most ImprovedTe Manako o te Rangi
    Player of the YearTylah Shaskey
    11th grade BCoachMatt Bailey
    Most ImprovedAna Schraa, Theodore Vincent
    Player of the YearJacob Whyte
    12th grade ACoachGary Taylor
    Most ImprovedNoah Gilpin
    Player of the YearJamie Williams
    13th Grade ACoachTony Lake
    Player of the YearRueben Williams
    Players player of the YearJames Sampson
    13th Grade BCoachAndrew Redmond
    Most ImprovedSean Tonner
    Player of the YearJoe Robinson
    13th Grade CCoachAndrew Redmond
    Most ImprovedConnor Bunce
    Player of the YearConor Smading
    13th Grade A GirlsCoachMatt Holmes
    Most ImprovedAmy Farrell
    Player of the YearMadeleine Northern
    13th Grade B GirlsCoachMatt Boyd
    Player of the YearAila Welch
    Players player of the YearAshley-Jane Whittaker
    14th Grade ACoachPaul Dabner
    Most ImprovedHarvey Bayliss
    Player of the YearMatthew Burgess
    15th Grade ACoachTerry Hall
    Most ImprovedOliver French
    Player of the YearSam Richards
    15th Grade BCoachJosh Ryder
    Most ImprovedThomas Allen
    Player of the YearEthan McGregor
    15th Grade CCoachSteve Fenwick
    Most ImprovedRoy Ahloe
    Player of the YearJack Triggs
    17th Grade ACoachWarren Dunick
    Player of the YearOliver Reid
    Players player of the YearJoseph Ransome
  • Seniors
    Sunday Women Div 1CoachJeroen Vink
    Player of the YearAlice Foote
    Players player of the YearSarah Mathewson, Rebekah Hammond
    Men's Div 5CoachMARK
    Player of the YearPhilip Watts
    Players player of the YearBrendon Foster
    Masters 35CoachMark Davidson
    Player of the YearJames Souter
    Team Player of the YearDavid McCracken
    Masters 47 SpikesCoachEd Heald
    Player of the YearPeter Carey
    Spike of the YearEd Heald
    Masters 47 O'Sheas 11CoachAlan South/Grant Hughes
    Player of the YearSteve Koster
    Players player of the YearAlan Roberts
    Sunday MenCoachBen McNabb
    Player of the YearThomas Marsh
    Players player of the YearHudson Cruz
    ReservesCoachDan Clark
    Player of the YearAvery Addei
    Players player of the YearHemi Innes
    WPDLCoachJimmy Stewart
    Player of the YearGeorgia Saunders
    Players player of the YearKara Daeche
    WPLCoachAlana Gunn
    Player of the YearRebecca Lake
    Players player of the YearRebecca Wilson
    MPLCoachEkow Quainoo
    Player of the YearAaron Spain
    Players player of the YearRhys Williams
  • Special Awards

    50 Games Women – Rebecca Wilson ,Rebecca Lake, Lily Bray, Una Foyle, Britneylee Nicholson, Emma Clarke, Arna Roberts.

    50 Games Men – Rhys Williams

    100 Games – Aaron Spain, Eddie Ashton, Louie Bush.

    200 Games – Tristan Nicol

    Striker of the Year – Jordan Ball

    Midfielder of the Year – Tahlia Herman-Watt

    Defender of the Year – Tristan Nicol

    Goal Keeper of the Year – Edward Ashton

    Golden Boot Award – Melanie Cameron

    Rangers Centenary Personality of the Year – Alana Gunn

    Chellew Trophy – Darren Johnson

    Ager Trophy for Best Performed Team – Melanie Cameron

    Young Player of the Year – Haris Zeb

    Rangers 100th Jubilee Cup for CSFC

    Club Player of the Year – Tristan Nicol


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