KATE SHEPPARD CUP- Round One v Universities

Match Report: Coastal 3- Universities 0

As always it is with a great privilege that I get to write a report on our Coastal WPL Team.

The team had  the challenge on winning their first Kate Sheppard Cup game this year. As we all know, the Cup games are like a final because if you loose then you get knock out of the competition.

The team worked hard and came out with the victory. For me its always the same: No bells and whistles when winning and no excuses when you loose. 

Goals came from Mel Cameron , Cody Taylor and Bel Van Noorden. Chloe Jones had two assists while BritneyLee Nicholson had the other assist.

Very Proud of this team and very blessed to be a tiny part of it.

Player of the Day: Mel Cameron

Cheers, Juan