MPL – Round Twelve v Bays

Winter is here

On a freezing freezing Saturday we hosted Bays at English Park, in an important game for us to qualify for the South Island League. Bays also really needed the win for qualification, so the game was set up to be well constested in tough conditions.

After a bad first half against Nomads last weekend, we really wanted to go into this game with the right attitude and make sure we were hungrier for the win than our opposition. I think our first half was better than our first against Nomads, however, although they didn’t create much- we only created a couple decent chances ourselves.

Half time frustration

Going into half time, I felt there was a lot of frustration that we were not winning and we focused on removing some of the negativity that was creeping into our game. I feel as if the second half was much, much better. Claudio coming on made a big difference and more possession allowed players like Haris and Aashish to have more of an influence.

I feel as if we started to dominate more and more as the game grew older. We must have forced three or four fantastic saves from Adam Highfield, while our keeper had very little to do. Even with Sam getting sin binned, which was dejavu from last week, we still held control with ten men.

Second half chances

Any another day you would think Ash would have put away at least one of his one on ones. But missing good chances seems to be something that has happened too often this season. With the game ending 0-0, it’s tough not to be frustrated. Yet another game where we’ve created more chances than our opposition and controlled the game pretty well, but not come away with the win. It’s hard to take, I do think we have been unlucky but I don’t really like to use that word. Maybe we do just lack finishing quality among our players but when I look at Ash and Macca’s scoring records over the years that does baffle me.

Too often this season the opposition keeper has been their man of the match. I don’t think we really need to change a hell of a lot. We go into our next game, a MUST WIN against Selwyn, just crossing our fingers that we take the fantastic chances our unit creates.


It was great to see the boys go up a gear and go right to the end today. They really want to win!! Connor was solid again as he keeps his spot on the right. I think Haris had a good second half and Claudio played well. Man of the Match though went to Mike Hogan, who kept them out very well and ensured our keeper didn’t even have much to do.

Next week…

The biggest game of our season is now next Saturday 2:45pm at Foster Park. If we lose then we can kiss the South Island League goodbye… and I’ll feel that I have really let the club down. Football really can be a lottery sometimes. Hope to see you there. We need all hands on deck.