WPL – Round Four v Halswell United

Hello to all the Coastal Family,

Once again I am very privileged to write a report on our WPL Team. We had the opportunity to play against Halswell’s WPL Team on Saturday the 20th of April. First of all would like to thank Tania and her team for the hospitality and for  putting together a good after match function up in their clubrooms.

The team worked very hard during the game and we came up with a 6-1 win. But like I always say , there are no excuses when you loose and there are not bells and whistles when you win. Good trainers make good players and good players win football games , is as simple as that. 

Cody Taylor and Britneylee Nicholson finished the game with a brace each, Mel Cameron add another goal for her count and Bel Van Noorden scored her first goal of the season while combining a great 1-2 with Lily Bray on the edge of the 18 yard box.

We wish our girls Tahlia , Lily , Cody and Britneylee the best in the U20 Camp up in Auckland this upcoming week. We are also very proud of our 3 Coastal Girls (Jasmine Donald, Ellena Firth and Junghwi Jo) representing NZ in the Secondary School Tournament in Dallas, Texas. 

Player of the day: Arna Roberts

Cheers, Juan