Summer five-a-side Rules

The following rules apply to the Coastal Spirit Summer 5-A-Side Football 2019-20.

5 a Side Football can be played by anyone over the age of 15.

1. All teams to consist of 5 players on the pitch at one time. You may register as many players as you wish. You may only play for the team you are registered with. You may not play in a competitive team AND the Social team unless as a fill-in and agreed by the organisers. Unless you have 4 players on the field to start you must default the game. Defaults will be recorded as a 5 – 0 loss.

2. In Mixed Seniors, any goal scored by a female count’s as 2 goals.
Teams must have a minimum of two females on the pitch at all times.

3. Games to be played on 60 x 30-meter fields at Linfield Park using junior goals with each pitch marked in thirds.

4. No bare feet. No work boots. Any type of running/track/indoor shoes are
allowed (moulded studs or blades are fine).

5. All teams must provide a uniform of their choice. Bibs will be provided if team uniforms clash on the night.

6. Games will consist of two 20 minute halves.

7. NEW RULE; All team members need to be registered on the team list when registering teams. Team members will be marked off each game.

8. FIFA Laws of the game apply with the following exceptions –
a. Rolling substitutes (unlimited) only coming on the field at the half way line. Players entering the game may not enter the field of play until the player being substituted has left the field of play.
b. Goals can only be scored from inside the final third.
c. There is no goal keeper.
d. All free kicks are indirect
e. Any team who scores must then retire into their defensive third for the kick off.
i. For goal kicks, the defending team must retreat to behind third marker. Ball must be taken from inside the defensive arc, and cannot be touched by a team member until has left the arc.
j. Size 5 ball to be used only.

9. Cancellation of games will be by way of text message to your team organiser who has the responsibility of contacting and informing all team members of the cancellation. We will also put out an alert of our Coastal Spirit App. Coastal Spirit FC reserve the right to cancel the scheduled games for any reason whatsoever up to 2 hours prior to scheduled kick off time.

10. NEW RULE; FINALS – All members playing in Final’s games must have played at least 3 games to be eligible to play in final games.

11. This competition is to be played in the spirit of social football with the
object being participation so the main aim is to ENJOY.

12. CSFC accepts no liability for any loss or damage through injury, theft or any other incident suffered by any participant during the duration of the event.

13. Coordinators decision is FINAL.
The organisers reserve the right to remove any player or any team from the competition.

14. The Referee will also reserve the right to “Yellow Card / Sin Bin” or “Red Card / Send Off” any player deemed to be playing outside of the rules or spirit of the competition.

15. A “Yellow Card / Sin Bin” results in an offending player being automatically subbed and restricted from re-entering the field of play for a minimum of 5 minutes. The player can be replaced to allow a full complement of 5 players on the field.

A “Red Card / Send Off” results in the offending player being removed for the remainder of the match without the offending team being allowed to replace the player. The sent off player will also be stood down for a minimum of 1 playing day after the incident (The coordinators will have final say)