MPL fixtures 2018

The Men’s premier league will be 2 rounds in 2018 to allow for the Southern League which will follow after the completion of the 14 games.

Week no.Date/TimeHomeAwayVenue
117/3/2018 12:00pmFC Twenty 11Nelson Suburbs FCAvonhead Park S1
117/3/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCCashmere TechnicalIlam Fields S1
117/3/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCCoastal SpiritFoster Park S1
117/3/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCNomads United AFCFerrymead Park S1
224/3/2018 12:00pmUniversities AFCNelson Suburbs FCIlam Fields S1
224/3/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCFC Twenty 11Tulett Park S1
224/3/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCFerrymead Bays FCFoster Park S1
224/3/2018 4:00pmCashmere TechnicalCoastal SpiritEnglish Park S1
330/3/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCNomads United AFCSaxton Fields S1
330/3/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritUniversities AFCEnglish park
330/3/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCCashmere TechnicalFerrymead Park S1
330/3/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Selwyn United FCAvonhead Park S1
42/4/2018 12:00pmSelwyn United FCNelson Suburbs FCFoster Park S1
42/4/2018 2:45pmCashmere TechnicalFC Twenty 11Garrick Memorial Park S1
42/4/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritFerrymead Bays FCEnglish Park
42/4/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCNomads United AFCIlam Fields S1
57/4/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCCashmere TechnicalSaxton Fields S1
57/4/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCUniversities AFCFerrymead Park S1
57/4/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Coastal SpiritAvonhead Park S1
57/4/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCSelwyn United FCTulett Park S1
614/4/2018 12:00pmCoastal SpiritNelson Suburbs FCCuthberts Green S3
614/4/2018 2:45pmCashmere TechnicalNomads United AFCGarrick Memorial Park S1
614/4/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCFC Twenty 11Ferrymead Park S1
614/4/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCSelwyn United FCIlam Fields S1
721/4/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCFerrymead Bays FCSaxton Fields S1
721/4/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Universities AFCAvonhead Park S1
721/4/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCCoastal SpiritTulett Park S1
721/4/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCCashmere TechnicalFoster Park S1
825/4/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCFC Twenty 11Saxton Fields S1
825/4/2018 2:45pmCashmere TechnicalUniversities AFCGarrick Memorial Park S1
825/4/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritSelwyn United FCCuthberts Green S3
825/4/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCFerrymead Bays FCTulett Park S1
928/4/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritCashmere TechnicalCuthberts Green S3
928/4/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Nomads United AFCAvonhead Park S1
928/4/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCSelwyn United FCFerrymead Park S1
929/4/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCUniversities AFCSaxton Fields S1
105/5/2018 12:00pmNomads United AFCNelson Suburbs FCTulett Park S1
105/5/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCCoastal SpiritIlam Fields S1
105/5/2018 2:45pmCashmere TechnicalFerrymead Bays FCGarrick Memorial Park S1
105/5/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCFC Twenty 11Foster Park S1
1119/5/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCSelwyn United FCSaxton Fields S1
1119/5/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Cashmere TechnicalAvonhead Park S1
1119/5/2018 2:45pmFerrymead Bays FCCoastal SpiritFerrymead Park S1
1119/5/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCUniversities AFCTulett Park S1
1226/5/2018 12:00pmCashmere TechnicalNelson Suburbs FCGarrick Memorial Park S1
1226/5/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCFerrymead Bays FCIlam Fields S1
1226/5/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritFC Twenty 11Cuthberts Green S3
1226/5/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCNomads United AFCFoster Park S1
132/6/2018 12:00pmNelson Suburbs FCCoastal SpiritSaxton Fields S1
132/6/2018 2:45pmNomads United AFCCashmere TechnicalTulett Park S1
132/6/2018 2:45pmFC Twenty 11Ferrymead Bays FCAvonhead Park S1
132/6/2018 2:45pmSelwyn United FCUniversities AFCFoster Park S1
149/6/2018 12:00pmFerrymead Bays FCNelson Suburbs FCFerrymead Park S1
149/6/2018 2:45pmUniversities AFCFC Twenty 11Ilam Fields S1
149/6/2018 2:45pmCoastal SpiritNomads United AFCCuthberts Green S3
149/6/2018 2:45pmCashmere TechnicalSelwyn United FCGarrick Memorial Park S1