Under 19 Tournament 2018 Terms

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity:

By accepting the terms of this entry form, the representative of the Club acknowledges and agrees on behalf of the Club and each person associated with the Club who may in any way be involved with the CSFC U19 Tournament 2018 (each a “Participant”) that:

(a) none of the Coastal Spirit Football Club or any of their respective trustees, directors, officers, employees, officials, volunteers or contractors (each an “Indemnified Person”) shall have any liability for any injury or loss suffered by any person who agree to participate in, travelling to or from, attend or participate in the CSFC U19 Tournament 2018;

(b) each Participant hereby waives any right that it may have to bring any claim against any Indemnified Person that is in any way associated with the CSFC U19 Tournament 2018; and

(c) the Club and each other Participant agrees to indemnify each of the Indemnified Persons against any costs or losses suffered or incurred by any Indemnified Person in respect of or arising out of any claim brought against them by the Club or any other Participant that is in any way associated with the CSFC U17 Tournament 2018.

Please complete the Team Entry form and deposit, by Friday 24h August 2018.

Note: Please forward a copy of your Club logo to tournament@coastalspirit.co.nz so we can welcome you on our Facebook page once entry is confirmed.